TPT: Who we are and how we function

TPT is a public tendency of OKDE-Spartakos, the Greek section of the FI.



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TPT: Who we are and how we function

TPT (Tetartothiethnistiki Programmatiki Tasi – Fourth International Programmatic Tendency) is a public tendency of OKDE-Spartakos, the Greek section of the FI. As such, it was formed in December 2017 with a founding declaration which was signed by several members of OKDE-Spartakos on the occasion of the conference of the Greek section in anticipation of the FI world congress in 2018. Clearly, the previous years provide the contextual background leading up to this declaration and the ensuing continuity; in November 2018, TPT decided, in face of the impasses revealed during OKDE-Spartakos’ national conference, to proceed with the publication of the magazine, 4. Texts pertaining to the political identity of TPT can be found on the tendency’s site, and its function may be outlined as follows:

1) TPT functions politically independently, within the framework of the FI, particularly to the extent that OKDE-Spartakos is diverging politically and ideologically from the Fourth International. It remains part of OKDE-Spartakos as long as the latter has not reached a total rupture with its statutory origins, and it strives by political and collective means to reverse the present course of OKDE-Spartakos.

2) Inside OKDE-Spartakos, TPT argues politically on fundamental political issues, as it was forced to abandon the effort to correct partial practices of the organization in order to avert all unnecessary friction provoked by the hostility of the majority against the FI and TPT. It is for this reason that TPT decided to be represented in the Central Committee not proportionally (by 20% as it had in the conference), but by just one member.

3) TPT members participate, as far as possible, in OKDE-Spartakos cells. However, TPT functions through its weekly cell meeting. Newcomers participate and are recruited in this cell on an equal basis, regardless of whether they participate or not in another cell of the organization.

4) TPT acts publicly and autonomously through its magazine, 4, its internet site, and its interventions, wherever and however it judges appropriate, pivoting on the realization of the politics of revolutionary Marxism and the Fourth International. The dissemination of the program of the FI (decisions, communiques, elaborations, information, discussions, practices, …) within the Greek left and society in general is one significant task that OKDE-Spartakos has abandoned, and which TPT undertakes as a public tendency of the Greek section of the FI. The other task is the realization of this revolutionary line in Greece, on the level of discourse and praxis.

TPT – Magazine 4


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